Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in Freight Forms Plus (FFPlus).The following provisions set forth the terms and conditions on which FFPlus offers its products and services.

Terms of Sale: Purchase of any products sold by FFPlus shall be subject to and expressly limited by the terms and conditions contained herein. No changes to, waiver of, or addition to any of these terms and conditions shall be effective unless agreed to in writing and signed by a Managing Member of FFPlus. Buyer acknowledges and agrees that these terms and conditions supersede the terms and conditions of any purchase order or other documentation used by Buyer and, except for delivery and billing addresses, and quantities prices and items ordered, any conflicting or additional terms are void and have no effect, but that Buyer may place orders through the FFPlus website or invoice.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, FFPlus reserves the right at any time to amend these terms and conditions, and Buyer shall be deemed to accept such amended terms and conditions by ordering products herein offered after the date of such amendment. Additional special terms and conditions of FFPlus may be applicable with respect to certain products and services.

Prices: All pricing quotes must be documented in writing and/or published by FFPlus to be valid. Prices quoted, unless otherwise stated, refer to exact services or products ordered per purchase order of buyer or official quote given in writing or email by FFPlus prior to purchase. There is no refund on payments received, but revision or exchange of products or services will be implemented to the satisfaction of the buyer up to 30 days from the date of order. 

Payment: Unless otherwise stated in writing, payment will be rendered in full prior to service or product being administered or delivered into the possession of the buyer with the understanding that revisions and editing will be implemented until the buyer's satisfaction is complete up to 30 days from the date of order.

Any disputed amounts should be reported immediately and remitted with the undisputed amount within 30 days of order. If FFPlus agrees with the billing dispute, FFPlus will credit Buyer the amount of the agreed-upon billing dispute. All billing disputes must be made within 30 days of applicable invoice date, or will be deemed to be void.


1.Shipping and Handling charges will be prepaid when orders are placed and will be listed on the invoice prior to payment.

2.When expedited delivery, specialized service, or alternate delivery modes are requested, or if requests are inconsistent with efficient distribution practices, an additional charge to cover the premium expense will be added to the invoice.

3.Orders will be mailed/shipped as they are completed. Back-up CD’s will be shipped once per week. 

General Terms:

A. Forms Packages – While FFPlus tries to stay up to date with emerging FMCSA, DOT and general industry trends, it does not guarantee that the content on the forms contains the very latest industry updates. The responsibility lies with our customers to review all forms and agreements and advise FFPlus if edits and/or revisions are in order, whether general or state-specific industry regulations. FFPlus is providing generic contracts, Agreements and forms. No legal professionals are employed by FFPlus and its documents are not to be considered legal in nature. FFPlus will not and cannot be held liable for any omissions or errors whether implied or expressed because it provides generic forms that can be edited by its customers. Once a forms order is completed, it will be emailed to the customer who will then have 5 business days to review all forms and send FFPlus a written update or edit request. If no such request is received by FFPlus within the 5 business days, FFPlus will deem the forms complete and final and all professional responsibility will end.

B.Creative Services – FFPlus is functioning as a Creative Services or Marketing Project Manager. FFPlus does not function as a designer but does work closely with a network of reliable and proven freelance designers who will provide the creative services required by customers of FFPlus.  In its role, FFPlus may offer Marketing ideas to its customers and then will relay its customers’ requests and specifications to the freelancer assigned.  Customers of FFPlus do not speak with the freelancers directly but FFPlus will act as liaison and project manager for the duration of each project. In the event a customer of FFPlus is not satisfied with the creative output of a particular freelancer, FFPlus may re-assign the project to an alternate freelancer until it is completed to the customers’ specifications.   FFPlus cannot ultimately control a freelancer’s output and cannot and will not be held responsible for any liability and/or violation that may result.