All-Freight Broker Forms Package –STARTER

$99.99 each

Title: All-Freight Broker Forms Package –STARTER


This STARTER package includes the main contracts and operations forms that all-freight brokers will use on a daily basis such as the Broker/Carrier Agreement, Broker/Shipper Agreement and Load Confirmation Agreement, just to name a few. 

Once your order is placed for any forms package, Freight Forms Plus will email you a questionnaire so we may customize your forms order to your company’s specifications and terms. Once the order if completed, all forms will be emailed to you in either Microsoft Word or Excel format so you can download and use immediately.  All forms are editable so you can save a master copy to  revise on a customer by customer basis, if necessary. Freight brokers typically email the contracts and forms to their customers, but of course print/fax is an option as well. With Freight Forms Plus forms packages, you avoid the expense of costly brokerage software.