Broker Packages

Choose the broker form package that meets your business needs and let Freight Forms Plus customize the forms with your Company Name/Logo and Business information.

If you do not yet have a Company Logo, our Creative Services team can design a professional logo for you.

Forms are in Ms Word and Excel format for easy fill and/or editing.They are then ready to be printed and faxed to clients, or even emailed quickly and easily.

Get what you need quickly and easily
Compare and Order the Forms Package that meets your business needs.


Broker/Agent Forms

Broker/Carrier Agreement                  
Broker/Shipper Agreement                  
Rate Confirmation Agreement                  
Load Tracking Log                  
Carrier Forms Checklist                  
Carrier Profile Form              
Shipper Profile Form              

Agent Employment Forms

Contract Agent Application              
Independent Contractor Agreement              
Independent Contractor Acknowledgement              
Freight Agent Job Description              

Business Forms

Fax Cover Sheet      
Credit Card Authorization          
Shipper Prospecting Letter          
Collections Letter          
Company Profile Sheet